Aim and approach

Enviro-Educa helps building capacity in the field of resource management. It does so through educational and training programs with focus on improving the efficient use of resources. This results in the reduction of resources entering the environment as waste – more resources, less waste.

The company works in various ways:

  • by providing the context of the topic discussed, heavily touching upon the required prevention/avoidance-based critical attitude,
  • by embedding subject expertise on specific material or energy conversion processes in a topical training,
  • by extracting the tacit knowledge from
    • workers in the field, such as from recyclers and their role in the material recovery chain
    • lower level management with in-depth knowledge on process optimization options
    • middle level management with general knowledge and creativity to come to new approaches
  • by exposure to practical cases related to the reduction of the generation of waste, and
  • by working in groups of various backgrounds in open space and focused discussion rounds to guide the development of hitherto impossible ideas.

The learning is in the process leading to the results; the results are a happy byproduct of the learning.