Professional support


Requests for professional support could, inter alia, come from

. . .  a waste management department, aware that waste is a resource, is in need of a coherent approach for the collection of waste,  based on the premises of ♦ user involvement ♦ user managed presorting used resources are kept clean ♦ financial benefits are returned to users

. . .  a finance department of a public utility that needs to define a tariff system honoring those users that show resource efficiency

. . .  a resource reduction & recovery working group that is to develop a plan achieving  a 50% reduction in residential waste generation in a city environment

. . .  a regional authority that wants to assess if a regional approach to infrastructural service provision has a higher chance of being sustainable than the sum of the local level infrastructural service provisions assuming a same level of services

. . .  a university department interested in advancing the field of waste management at university level.

. . . a region that has an urgent need to define a sustainable, feasible, financeable and enforceable  approach for dealing with Construction & Demolition waste.