Self-managed learning

Typical online meeting to share presentations

Since 2007, jointly with TUBerlin, Maarten was involved in waste-related education in- and outside The Netherlands. Over the years, the approach was increasingly focused by stimulating and motivating self-managed learning (individually or in groups). Students focus from the beginning on achieving the final product of the learning and are guided and stimulated to collect the needed information along the line in ways that fit their personal learning style. Methods available include lectures, discussions, assignments, calculations, simulation games, field visits (when possible), stakeholder interviews and joint learning.

Topics included: solid waste management in physical presence, solid waste management internet-based, hazardous waste management as partly physical presence and partly internet-based, and cleaner production as partly physical presence and partly internet-based.

Client: Students registered for the courses
Project partners: UNESCO-IHE & TUBerlin,
Financed by: Dutch Government through fellowships and self-financed students.