Kosovo – development of an approach for managing Construction & Demolition Waste

The legal framework for the management of Construction & Demolition Waste (CDW) in Kosovo is weak while the generation of CDW is significant since the country is in a developmental spurt. This is partially in the context of becoming an EU accession country. Since no transparent legal framework presently exists, CDW can be found anywhere.

CDW can be found just about anywhere in Kosovo
CDW can be found anywhere in Kosovo.

During 5 days, 36 international students performed field research in Kosovo and two months later presented their results in a 150 page book “CDW in Kosovo – a case study in the municipalities of Pristina and Fushe Kosova” (ISBN 978-3-9820201-4-3).

The focus of the research was on:
1) quantifying and qualifying the 2019 generation of CDW, as well as the options to reduce the generation of CDW
2) the existing legal framework in comparison to the EU required framework for the management of CDW,
3) the practice of the generation of CDW, how this is disposed off and who is involved (NB CDW can not be legally disposing off).

The Kosovo part of the research was strongly supported by GIZ.